Irons in the Fire

Here’s what’s in the works:  

GENRE:  Fantasy novel
Fifteen-year-old Gemma Waters is lost in life.  Her parents are dead and the beloved grandmother she lives with is slipping closer to death every day.   She charges Gemma with returning the Lachrimae Stone to its rightful place in Otherworld — a place Gemma was born into but has no memory of — in order to save its inhabitants from the clutches of Invidia, the dark ruler who has taken the throne and wreaks bloody havoc across the land as she seeks the stone in Gemma’s possession.  Gemma must confront her own dark side if she is to succeed, or Otherworld will be no more.




  Horror short story
Silas Scales is a rapist in the White Chapel district of Victorian London, a bastard of a man who feels women are good for nothing more than his own personal entertainment.  Eluding capture after assaulting his last victim, he finds himself adrift in the North Sea with no food or water, and no land in sight.  But he’s not alone.  And despite all the lore he’s heard about their ethereal beauty, nothing can prepare Silas for the mermaids that come to his rescue.




GENRE:  Horror short story
There are some things you shouldn’t ask the girl in the Ouija board — she just might direct you to her grave.

GENRE:  Horror short story
A plain and simple life is all Lily Raber had ever lived, and all she ever wanted.  Until a last-minute drive to a conference takes her down Route 19, that is, and a spontaneous stop at Heart’s Desire Antiques & More.  Life won’t be plain and simple ever again.

GENRE:  Horror short story
Raped, mutilated and left for dead, Olivia Hansen wakes to find herself deep in the Louisiana bayou.  She turns to the police to find her torturer but after months of dead-ends and no clues, they tell her to just move on with her life.  Olivia takes matters into her own hands and stalks the man himself, taking him to the one place she knows justice will be served:  the shack of the voodoo priestess who found her all those months ago.