The Kill Floor

Very excited to be part of the new Sanitarium Magazine Contributors’ Group!  We’ve begun a weekly flash fiction prompt to keep our creative juices flowing in between our other writing projects.  This week the prompt is “Dormant.”  Here’s my opening line:

Father Kline’s faith fell dormant as he stood on the Kill Floor at Washington State Penitentiary, readying to perform last rites for a man claiming to be the Devil himself.

Hmmm…I wonder where this might go?  (insert evil hand rubbing and diabolical laugh here)

Interesting tidbit as I was researching WA State Penitentiary — did you know that hanging is still utilized as a method of capital punishment in Washington State?  Lethal injection is the preferred means of execution, but the prisoner can opt for the gallows if they so choose.  In the state’s history they’ve performed 110 executions, and all but the last three – yes, THE LAST THREE – were by hanging!  The last one was May 27th, 1994, and the three subsequent executions were by lethal injection.  So note to self:  watch your ass in Washington State!


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