Ass in chair, hands on keyboard…

While I’m constantly writing in my head, the past month has left me squat for time to get it on paper.  Between my daughter’s high school graduation and party, landscaping and outdoor projects, family visiting, taking over the reins of the Pen to Paper writer’s group, the workplace tedium, household chores…..there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Like you didn’t already know that, right?  But things are finally winding down around here, which means my ass is back in my office where it belongs and I’m playing catch-up.  And there’s a LOT of catch-up!

Otherworld is in a state of hiatus at the moment while I finish up Sirens.  Hoping to have it knocked out over the next couple of weeks so I can get back to Otherworld… poor Gemma has been wandering in the ether with no direction for far too long, and she’s getting pissy about it.  Thanks to all my writing cohorts for your patience, as it’s been awhile since I submitted anything Otherworld related for you to critique.

Just got my Facebook page up and running — Michelle Anderson Fiction — be sure to check it out.  Heck, if you really want to be nice, you can even “Like” it and “follow” me as I wander randomly throughout the interweb!

Alright, enough with the blabbering….time to get to it or there’ll be nothing to blabber about!  Until next time…

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